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Before filing for divorce, talk to a team of divorce professionals, dedicated to helping you find your path through the divorce process.

About Us

As divorce professionals, we know that filing for divorce is a complicated, stressful process that requires specialized knowledge and assistance. If you are a working professional, you do not have time for another part-time job which is what Family Court can become.  Often, the help that divorcing people need to thrive during their divorce is outside of a divorce lawyer’s area of specialty.

After seeing many divorcing people make the same costly mistakes over and over again, we decided to create a process to help you get the information you need to make the right decisions. And, by taking the time to understand your specific situation, we’re able to connect you with the right divorce professionals to help you save your sanity, maintain financial stability by helping you to stay focused on your career, and make a fresh start.

To shift the locus of control to the client, empower individuals with information, thereby decreasing their financial and emotional stressors during divorce.
Enable our clients to be informed throughout the whole process so that they are in control of their future.
To provide a proven step by step process for divorce that provides options and guidance from a diverse array of certified divorce experts.
Colleen Honquest Certified Divorce Coach

Colleen Honquest

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Colleen works with men and women throughout the divorce process by offering strategic planning and guidance. She specializes in dealing with High Conflict Divorce and difficult spouses. Colleen enables you to break down the path to filing for divorce into manageable steps. Colleen’s first priority is to help you get through all the preliminary steps and requirements before you walk into an attorney’s office. This makes you a better client and saves you a lot of money and time spent stressing about what you should be doing to prepare for the process.

In Colleen’s toolbox are the many lessons learned during her own high-conflict divorce as well as a close network of professionals with whom she can consult. Colleen knows that you must be prepared, because there is no emotional justice in the courtroom.

Contact Colleen so we she can get you started with a free 30-minute consultation. Let Colleen be your thinking-partner. Colleen offers a supportive, safe, discreet, and non-judgmental environment for you.

Get the Facts

Take the time to educate yourself before you jump into the divorce process. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn about your options and see how you can take control of your divorce.